15 Traveling Tips

Whether you travel for work or fun, travel can be a great way to strengthen relationships, learn more about the world and get ahead in your career. However, travel is not always easy. Travelling can take up valuable time that could be spent working or enjoying life at home. It also requires planning and budgeting which many people may not have experience with.
To make travel easier on yourself while still reaping its rewards, follow these 15 travel tips:

#1 Do Your Research

It seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how often people wing it when they travel. If you’re traveling domestically, plan your route before you leave so you aren’t wasting time getting to where you need to go. The same goes for international travel: do your research and figure out travel costs, visa requirements, and travel times. Having an idea of what to expect will prevent travel stress and prepare you for any obstacles that may arise.
Tip: Using a travel management website like Round the World Experts can help simplify travel planning by allowing you to book your travel as well as organize visas and travel insurance all in one place. For example, travelers who use Round the World Experts’ Flight+Hotel search can compare multiple flights, routes, cities, and dates to find the cheapest price on their ideal itinerary.

#2 Have A Plan But Be Flexible

While it’s important to have a plan before traveling, try not to get too attached to it! Once you’re on the road things are bound to change. Weather, travel mishaps, and even travel companions can alter your plans so think of a travel plan as more of a loose guideline. You’ll have a lot more fun if you take things as they come then get disappointed because something you were looking forward to didn’t work out the way you thought it would.
Tip: Pack clothes appropriate for different weather conditions so that if your travel plans are disrupted by bad weather you won’t be stuck wearing shorts when it’s snowing outside.

#3 Go Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted To Visit

For many people travel is about wanting to visit somewhere new or experience another culture. Celebrate this by taking trips to parts of the world not everyone gets the chance to see! Not only are travel bucket lists are one of the top travel trends in travel, but they’re also a good way to approach travel. Rather than having to come up with your own ideas for where you want to go next, you can simply choose from items on your list that you haven’t yet checked off.
Tip: An excellent place to start your travel bucket list is National Geographic’s new website Nat Geo Wild, dedicated to travel and adventure! Whether you’re drawn to culture, history, or wildlife; there’s an adventure waiting for every traveler.

#4 Look For The Best Flight And Hotel Deals

With so many travel search sites available it’s easy to find ways to save money on travel expenses such as flights and hotels. Look around online before booking anything to find the best travel deals. Websites like Skyscanner let you search for flights in a specific timeframe to help you figure out when is the cheapest time to travel.
Tip: The travel website One Travel offers additional ways to save on travel with its Price Alert feature which notifies you when a hotel, flight, or attraction reaches a price within your set parameters. You can also use their Deal Predictor Tool which scans thousands of travel deals from top travel sites and tells you when prices for your chosen destination are expected to rise so that you have more time to book!

#5 Don’t Forget Your Electronics

While it may be tempting to leave your laptop at home and just bring a tablet, resist that urge! Having access to your travel documents and even entertainment will help you travel more efficiently. Make sure to bring plug adapters for any electrical devices so that they can be used when you travel abroad.
Tip: If you’re traveling overseas, buying a prepaid travel sim card is a great way to maximize your technology while minimizing cost. You’ll have access to high speed internet wherever you go without the worry of racking up steep data charges!

#6 Be Aware Of Cultural Differences

Traveling around Europe? Notice how everyone speaks English there but struggle with the language at home? This is an example of how we aren’t exposed to other languages and cultures in everyday life, making it harder to travel internationally without knowing some background information on the place we’re visiting. Before travel, be sure to familiarize yourself with the culture so that you can travel more comfortably and enjoy yourselves.
Tip: A great way to learn about a destination before travel is to read up on its history. National Geographic has several articles detailing historical events from all over the world.

#7 Use Travel Apps To Make Travel Easier

Apps exist for just about everything these days including travel! Download apps that help you avoid travel mishaps such as losing your passport or getting stranded due to bad weather. Some of our favorites include Google Translate for instant translation, public transport maps for navigating unfamiliar areas, and TripIt which consolidates travel information into one place. There are also many apps improve travel experiences such as helpful travel guides and reviews, travel deals, travel photography inspiration, travel video guides, travel games…the list goes on!
Tip: Travel guide apps like Lonely Planet are great for learning about the destination you’re visiting. Lonely Planet has an entire section dedicated to itineraries created by travel experts that will help you see the best of what your destination has to offer!
#8 Pack Light To Maximize Your Enjoyment Of The Trip
Who says you need to spend money on things at your travel destination? Spending time researching what you need before traveling can really save you a lot of hassle when packing. Try to travel with as little as possible so that it’s easy to carry around and won’t weigh down your bag.
Tip: We recommend travel towels for drying yourself off after a refreshing swim! They also come in handy at the beach. If you don’t mind getting it wet, travel towels are much lighter than your typical bath towel.
#9 Bring A Local Phone
If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place where travel apps like public transport maps won’t work, then having access to basic travel info is essential. The Google Trips app provides information like public transit directions and lists of attractions near you so that you can plan your day before leaving the hotel. It will even notify you when it’s time to leave for your next destination! You may not think it’s necessary but trust us, having this app available will save you a ton of stress!
Tip: If you’re traveling internationally, Google Trips can really help cut down travel time by ensuring that you don’t end up at the wrong train station. It also provides useful travel information for your destination so that you have an idea of what to see and do once you arrive!
#10 Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
Your travel experience will be drastically different depending on the country or place you travel to. As a general rule, be more aware of your surroundings when traveling in more dangerous areas. This means being extra cautious of pickpockets and avoiding travel during peak hours when things are most crowded. Be sure to always carry travel insurance just in case something goes wrong!
Tip: Trip Insurance is great for travel planning because it combines travel protection with travel assistance. Trip Insurance acts like travel medical insurance while also covering travel delays and lost luggage. For more information on travel insurance, visit our website!
#11 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
As long you act respectfully, there’s no reason why other people won’t be willing to help you out when you’re visiting their home. If you don’t know the language or dialect of the country your traveling to, ask questions about things to see and do in the area. Chances are someone will have a great suggestion! It never hurts to try – Worst case scenario they simply say “no” but most likely they’ll help if they can.
Tip: Don’t be afraid to travel alone! Travelers find it harder and harder to travel alone these days because they’re afraid no one will want to travel with them. The truth is, you’ll meet all kinds of people when traveling – locals and other travelers alike. If you need help finding travel companions, try checking out the travel groups on Facebook or Meetup.com!
#12 Show Appreciation To People Who Help You
A big part of enjoying your travel experience is making new memories but if you leave in a bad state (angry and frustrated) then chances are, those aren’t going to be pleasant memories for either party involved. A great way to make sure your next adventure goes smoothly is by showing appreciation towards everyone helps you get from point A to point B. Whether you travel in a taxi or a bus, be sure to thank your driver for taking you there – it’s going to make the experience that much better!
Tip: Did you know that travel insurance can cover travel accidents? Travel Insurance covers things like travel delays and lost luggage, but Travel Accident Insurance is an add-on that protects travelers from injuries when traveling. For more information on travel insurance, visit our website!
#13 Travel In Groups If You’re A Newbie
If this is your first time traveling then consider bringing travel partners with you. It’s always helpful having someone familiar to travel with who knows their way around because they’ll likely have great tour suggestions to get started with! Also, travel partners can ease your concerns while traveling – it’s always nice having someone to travel with in case something goes wrong.
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#14 Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things — Eat And Drink Local Food & Drinks
The world has tons of different foods and drinks so don’t be afraid to try something new. New travel experiences can be very memorable so if you’re traveling in a foreign country, don’t hesitate to try the local cuisine and drinks! You’ll be glad you did and chances are it’ll add another layer of culture onto your travel experience.
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#15 Don’t Just Read TripAdvisor To Find *Everything*You Can Do A Place
It’s great that travel forums have become so popular because for the first time, travel enthusiasts all over the world are coming together to share travel tips with each other! One great resource is Trip Advisor – not only can you find information about places to see & things to do but you’ll also find out what experiences are best avoided.
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