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San Jose is the largest city located in Southern California, bordered by the Golden Gate Bridge on its west side, the San Francisco skyline on its east side, and the Pacific Ocean to its south.
San Jose is known as the “Bay Area’s Little Switzerland,” because of its small sized and highly diverse population. The city is famous for its large number of prestigious universities and colleges such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and other prominent institutions. There are many different things to do in San Jose, ranging from art galleries to shopping centers. The famous San Jose airport has a terminal with three million square feet of space that houses approximately eleven million airline passengers annually.
Situated in the Northern part of the county, this city is home to more than thirty universities and colleges. Many of these have campuses in nearby California towns like Stanford and San Francisco. San Jose was built upon the success of the freeway system, which stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The freeway system, built by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), was one of the first major transportation projects in the country. Today, the system links all of the Bay Area counties, including Santa Clara, to form a network of highways.
The city is surrounded by high hills and mountains, which are commonly referred to as “backyards.” Due to their nature, most of the homes in San Jose are constructed with multiple interior walls and many are architecturally unique. One of the best characteristics of living in San Jose is the abundance of parks and open spaces. The city is one of only a few places in the country to experience mountain-cold temperatures throughout the year, with spring and fall providing ample opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation.
Silicon Valley
A short driving distance from San Jose, you will find the Silicon Valley. The city is populated primarily by graduates of the famous Stanford University. The largest campus in the state, Stanford is home to more than 10 colleges and universities. The school offers over two dozen different types of degrees, including engineering, business, law, medical and graduate programs. Many graduates who enter the US economy through Stanford University end up with successful careers right here in the great state of California.
With its proximity to the larger city of San Francisco, many students find themselves choosing to live in San Jose, CA. This bustling city is home to a large number of professionals and other educated workers. With the exception of a small number of rural areas that are not very populated, most of San Jose is highly urbanized. The average family income is above 40,993 USD (2019) per year, much higher than the national average. San Jose’s crime rate is lower than most cities in California, and a low percentage of students live in poverty.
San Jose Downtown
In addition to having a vibrant, fast-paced downtown, San Jose California is also home to a popular shopping district. The Miracle Mile is one of the world’s largest pedestrian malls. Within walking distance of many downtown shops and restaurants, this is an excellent place for shoppers. The centrally located locations and wide variety of businesses make it easy for visitors to find just what they are looking for. The Miracle Mile is also conveniently located close to major highways, making transportation between many points very convenient. Several different hotels can be found here and travelers staying at one of these fine establishments will find that they have very convenient access to everything that they might need while in town.
With the growth of the IT industry, there is a growing demand for qualified IT professionals in the San Jose area. Several colleges and universities in the region to offer tuition-free programs for those interested in pursuing a career in information technology. There are also a number of vocational schools and technical colleges that offer a wide range of courses, especially for students that are interested in computers. IT professionals that are seeking part or full time employment can use these schools as a springboard for their career advancement.
Santa Clara County
Another area where many people seek a residence is the Santa Clara County region, home to several large cities and towns. One of the larger areas in the region is San Francisco, which is conveniently located near the Pacific Ocean and the Financial District. The city is filled with a combination of culture and innovation, and there are a number of neighborhoods that are perfect for students who are interested in the arts and culture of the area. Some of these neighborhoods are perpetually bustling with activity, while others are quiet and serene. Within these neighborhoods, students can choose from a number of different schools that offer a wide range of curriculum choices. There are also limo services in the city to help you with your transportation needs on any events like weddings, proms, birthdays, corporate events, airport transfer, and more. Check out LGV Limousines for your transportation needs.
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