Complete Guide To Renting Your Limousine Service.

Booking a limousine service is like booking a hotel. You have the option to book a one-star hotel or a five-star hotel. The same applies to your limousine rental. Some individuals assume, that a 10-passenger limo, is the same 10-passenger limo across all 20 companies, in town and, it’s just a matter of finding the best deal right? WRONG!

The Difference?

While the difference between a one-star or a five-star hotel can be $500.00 or more per night, a limousine service price difference can be as little as $20.00 per hour, which separates the five-star experience apart from the one-star experience.

What Is The Difference Between One-Star And Five-Star Limousine Service?

Just like with any product or service, we know our clients have endless options to choose from. In most cases, you will price shop to find the best deal. Sometimes that best deal isn’t so great.

Let’s assume you are looking to book a 10-passenger limousine service. What you’ll most likely receive is several quotes, ranging between $85.00 per hour, up a ward of roughly $135.00 per hour. Chances are for $85.00 per hour you’ll most likely end up with a 15+ year-old limousine, that has 300+ thousand miles, a clunker, on its last mile, while that $135.00 late model limousine may be great, but you are just paying a little too much. When you book your 10-passenger limousine service with LGV Limousines, you can expect to pay in the range of $105.00-$115.00 per hour for a 10-passenger stretch limousine. What you’ll get is a five-star limousine service experience, a professional chauffeur, and a late-model limousine. No clunkers here.

Booking a 4-hour limousine service you’ll most likely spend roughly about $550.00+ depending on the limousine size you reserve. That’s a big purchase! The question is, are you willing to compromise your safety, comfort, and joy of using a fiver star limousine service over several dollars? We will let you decide that.

You Won't Get The Actual Limo You Booked.

Just like a rental car agency, a limousine service in most cases can never guarantee a specific make and model. For example, if a limousine service operator has one 18-passenger Escalade, and that Escalade goes down for maintenance the night before your wedding, you’ll most likely end up with a Party Bus. Pretty disappointing right? After all, you paid $175.00 per hour specifically to have an 18-passenger Escalade stretch limousine, not a Party Bus.

With LGV Limousines, you can be rest assured that if the above case scenario was to happen, we will provide an equivalent or an upgraded stretch limousine for your service, and no, of course, we won’t send a Party Bus with a dance pole to your wedding unless you ask us to of course ­čÖé

The Fleet.

We provide only late-model limousines. 96% of vehicles provided by LGV Limousines are 2 years old or newer. While many companies focus on volume with low pricing and an outdated fleet, LGV Limo focuses on quality and top-notch service for each of our clients. Our vehicles are dispatched 1-2 hours prior to your trip to ensure we arrive on time for each individual trip.

We are motivated for growth and your satisfaction and return business mean everything to us, and we will do everything we possibly can to ensure that each of our clients receives a five-star limousine service experience for a fair price.

Before Your Choose A Cheper Limo Service Consider This.

  • Commercial Insurance: The average commercial insurance for a single limousine vehicle is $12,500.00 per year. The cheap limo service most likely does not provide proper coverage in case something does happen, there will be no money to collect, that’s why they can offer low prices.
  • Cost Of Vehicles: For a single vehicle limousine it costs an average┬á$155,000.00┬áto purchase, while a cheap limo service can purchase a 2007, 10 passenger Town Car, limousine for roughly $12,500.00 with high millage, worn-out interior, faded paint, old tires, and other hazardous problems. They can also find a way to bypass the inspections as well.┬á
  • Vehicle guarantee:┬áJust like with a car rental, it is in most cases impossible to guarantee a specific make, color, and model of a limousine. Due to the nature of the business, the vehicle can go down for service, experience mechanical breakdowns, or become due for a replacement. In these cases, the cheap limo service will cancel your trip 1 hour before your pickup time. If it’s a wedding, prom, dinner, or perhaps even an airport transfer, you’ve made plans, and now all those plans are ruined due to one most important piece of the peace of your event, which is transportation. We know, we get lots of calls, every weekend, and individuals ask us if we have a vehicle available because the other limousine service canceled on them. Next time someone reassures you that it will be that beautiful pink 14-passenger Escalade for sure, think again!
  • Hidden Fees: Most of the time when you receive a rate from a limousine Company, they don’t include gratuity for a driver, fuel charges, taxes, or other fees, which are in the fine print. Once you are quoted a rate of example: $500.00, your final bill might be surprisingly $620.00 at the end of the trip, due to the charges that were not mentioned above. With LGV Limousines, we break down the full price upfront for your requested journey.┬á

It’s important to be aware and educated when purchasing a product or a service, and we do hope that this article has helped with some of the helpful information we shared in it.

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