Exploring Costa Rica On Your Next Trip

Coast Rica is a beautiful, rugged, and densely forested Central American nation with numerous beach-lined coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific. 
Although its capital, San Jose, houses many cultural landmarks such as the Pre- Columbian Gold Museum, Costa Rica continues to be recognized for its lush beaches, secluded volcanoes, and vast biodiversity. Approximately a quarter of the country is made up of national parks or conservation, which are home to hundreds of bird species, hundreds of plant species, and numerous endangered or extinct species. The majority of the country’s islands are also protected, making Costa Rica a popular destination for eco-tourism. One can see several species of birds, sea turtles, and whales along the country’s coast. Some of the more popular beaches to visit include Montezuma (with over 24 miles of white sand beaches), Crooked Tree, Blue Hole, Black Beach, and La Cala. You can explore these Islands with LGV Limousines, a solution to all your transportation needs.
Cayes Island
An island off the Northern coast is called Cayes, which sits in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most visited islands in the country. It is also home to a variety of exotic birds, sea turtles, and marine iguanas. Many visitors come here during their Costa Rica vacation to watch the breathtaking sunsets from the coastal cliffs. A favorite place to stay is the popular Punta Cana Golf and Beach Resort, which offer luxurious accommodations, access to the best golf courses in Costa Rica, and convenient parking and transportation.
Another region of the country that is popular with travelers on their Costa Rica vacation is the humid central Pacific beach town of Corcovado. Known for its restaurants and quaint downtown shops, Corcovado is perfect for families, couples, and small groups alike. It also has many beautiful beaches including the Salinas, which offer crystal clear water and are great for swimming and snorkeling. Other popular beaches include Montezuma, which is considered to be the world’s top surfing spot, and Ensenada, which are the Costa Rica version of the Caribbean resort-style city of Miami.
South Pacific Coast
The Southern Pacific Coast is often referred to as the “Golden Coast,” owing to the abundance of stunning golden sand dunes in the area. The most popular dunes are located between Tapache and San Jose. Other popular attractions are the Hotelito Los Micos National Park, which is a natural hiking and camping spot. For nature lovers, there’s the Aloarachal Pradesh Wildlife Sanctuary, the Volcan Baru National Park, and the mountainous regions of Corcovado and Miraflores.
Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is home to a variety of natural beauty and culture. One of the most striking features of this region is its vast salt pans, which stretch for over 300 miles. The Pacific Coast is also rich in cultural heritage, with many towns and villages still following their native ways. For a truly authentic experience of this region, you may want to visit the indigenous Wayuu village, which is known for the beautiful gold beaches that line the country’s coast.
Surrounded by beautiful Caribbean waters, Central America and the Caribbean are some of the most popular vacation spots in Costa Rica. With over 20 different coral islands and over a hundred rivers, there are a wide variety of water activities to explore. Many travelers choose to rent a boat to go out on rivers, especially if it’s a rainy day or they’re planning on going for a cruise, but you can also fly to any of the major cities and stay for a comfortable stay in a hotel. There are also opportunities to trek to the rainforests and touba trees of the central and south Americas.
If you are looking for the perfect beach vacation, there’s no better destination than San Jose. This region is filled with colonial architecture, churches, palaces, and beautiful beaches. The hotels and resorts are usually small, but some are large resorts that accommodate up to six thousand people. San Jose is also known for it’s tapas, which are small dishes made from fresh vegetables that are usually served with local teas.
Surrounded by mountains and tropical rainforest, the nation of Belize is another popular spot for ecotourism. The animals are protected, so visitors can feed them and enjoy the wildlife for as long as they want. There are many activities for children, including boating, hiking, and climbing. Children will also enjoy seeing the many caves and hot springs that are hidden in the jungle.
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