Things To Do And See In Santa Monica California

There are lots of things to do in Santa Monica. If you are planning to spend your holiday in the state, then the following will provide you great ideas about what to do in Santa Monica. You can spend your day at the beach or have fun in the downtown area. However, if you like something more adventurous, then these spots are waiting for you.
Santa Monica is a beautiful coastal town just west of Los Angeles. It is famous for its beaches and there are hundreds of them. Santa Monica Pier is nearby, with great views over the Pacific Ocean. Nearby is Santa Monica Pier, home to the world famous Pacific Park amusement park.
Next to the pier, also home to numerous art galleries, is Muscle Beach. This is where all the teens like to hang out after school and it is also a perfect spot to paddle the waves. Muscle Beach is also home of a number of water sports such as surfing and kite boarding. Finally, nearby is Santa Monica beach, where you can spend your sunny afternoons at the beach or in the water.
If you love shopping, Santa Monica is also the right place for you. It is known as America’s Santa Monica. Millions of people flock to this city each year to buy gifts and other items. Some of the popular shopping areas are Third Street Promenade, Third Avenue Marketplace and Santa Monica Place. Besides the traditional stores, you can find numerous flea markets and second hand shops here.
The Santa Monica Mountains ranges from steep hills to flatlands. Surrounded by the mountains are many beautiful gardens and shrubbery. It is also home to Hollywood Studios. For those interested in history, the Santa Monica Arch, which was built in 1931, can be visited here.
Surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches, Santa Monica has plenty of recreational options for those who wish to spend their vacation here. The beach around Santa Monica is very popular, especially for families. But if you are more interested in surfing or snorkeling, you can go to the Seven seas beaches. Other beaches close to Santa Monica include Malibu, which are just a few miles away; Santa Barbara, which are just two miles away; and Corona Del Mar, which are two miles away.
If golfing is your game, then you have got the right place here. Golf courses are available in several locations around Santa Monica. However, you need to invest in proper golf equipment before heading out for a round of golf. You can also go for tennis courts and country clubs if you want some tennis.
Santa Monica has everything that an individual or a couple could want. The prices are reasonable and the place offers all the luxuries that one needs. Life here is relaxed and easy. You will not feel like you are going to live in a cold stone box. Everything is taken care of so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.
There are many different things that make life in Santa Monica wonderful. The weather is always sunny and pleasant. Life here is also great due to the various activities that you can partake in. If you want to spend your free time with your family, then there are plenty of activities that you and your family can do.
Shopping is another popular activity that people love to do in Santa Monica. You can stroll down the main road and look at all the different stores. In fact, it is even better when you go out shopping during the winter as the weather is still nice. In fact, Santa Monica is a popular destination for people who want to buy Christmas gifts.
You can also see the famous Hollywood sign from here. This attraction draws thousands of people to its location everyday. You can also go to the Santa Monica Pier and spend your day here enjoying yourself. It is also a great place to enjoy a peaceful evening with your date or friends. With all these things to do, it is no wonder that Santa Monica is considered to be a great place to live.
There is also a lot to do outside of Santa Monica if you don’t like to shop or eat out. You can visit the Los Angeles Riverfront for some river fun. You will get to fish and kayak and even participate in surfing on the famous surfing breaks. Of course, you can always enjoy some golfing on the world famous Napa Valley Golf Course. You will have a great time playing some golf on this great location.
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